Monday, December 31, 2007

Different skills for different settings

I attended a class of a rather famous massage therapist, James Waslaski. He is a firecracker - opinionated, zappy, contraversial, friendly, honest, ... and very talented, has very good hands. And rich, there was many of us in that class and everyone paid 700$. James was friendly and made sure to attend to everyone, but he wasn't pampering and/or catering to anyone.

In the class, there were some spa massage therapists. They were quiet, never caused any locomotion, and in general were neutral zombie-like corporate types. I didn't see much talent there. Am not sure about their finances. Some spas pay decent, most pay lousy.
Indeed, in a spa situation, zip-up your lips, pampering, catering, and not a single trace of any discomfort is required. In short, it makes it complacent, predictable, and ... blah.

In a healing business, some "challenge" is to be expected, the client thinks and cooperates. Even if they sleep for the most time, some time is about self responsibility. Ready people also need to see themselves better and thus we ask questions. Also, we talk about what the client can do at home to help themselves. A massage session can change a life.

Then I thought about myself. What is my style? Definitely self employment. I am very good at what I do. I have a GIFT. I am real and creative, and have quite colorful personality. I am beautiful, intelligent, educated, opinionated, independent, straight forward, very competent therapist who can ask clients difficult questions and even have them have fun with it. I definitely ask them to do some stretches at home. There is catering and pampering, and there is also work.

Also, did you notice how people can put only one label on a person? They think: if a woman is beautiful, then she cannot be smart and competent. Sure she can. All of that and more.

One has to be real to see the real in another person.

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