Friday, January 4, 2008

Ego experiences...

A chiropractor yanked my neck and hurt it. I am still trying to fix it. Plus another sports injury. I went to the chiropractor who was "the best" in 2006, my friend recommended him.

The first visit was free, just diagnosis, and I was impressed, the guy knew his anatomy and diagnosed quite well.

The first treatment was 44$ for about 10-15mins. It was my 2nd appointment. today. His secretary gave me relief vs correction booklet while I was waiting. He took me in, sat me down, asked how I felt last week, I said that symptom X is greatly helped, symptom Y got worse, and symptom Z got better and then came back. He didn't even comment on that. Instead, he started going over the booklet and all my symptoms and asking me what I plan to do, relief or correction. And there was nothing tangible that he was asking me to do - there was no treatment plan, or estimates of how it is going. Gosh we don't even know yet how well his treatment works for me! It was just a sales pitch. It felt like intimidation. I said, well, this is only my 2nd appointment, let's see how this thing works, first the pain has to go away and then I will know where we stand. I'd like to totally correct it but it's too early to tell. I will just come here week after week and we will see where we get. I was not arrogant or anything. I was very reasonable and calm. There was absolutely nothing that should have angered him. I was telling something obvious.

Gosh, he was furious!!! Visibly so. I almost walked out, thinking that someone so angry is not going to treat me properly. I stayed and he did treat me relatively neutrally. I was a little scared, and his touch didn't feel exactly centered. I told him where it was tight and he started fixing it. He totally missed it in his diagnosis and it was very important, because I was so tight he could not do any adjustments. That's 's why the last time he made my symptom Y worse, because I was too tight and he yanked and made it tighter.

His secretary didn't treat me well when I walked out, he told her something. Well, this doesn't look good to me. Guy has some competence, no question. He doesn't seem to want to work WITH the patient but OVER the patient. I will see how it goes.The last time I knew that symptom Y got worse with his adjustment, and I told him, but he didn't want to listen to me, kept on telling over me that it went great. No it didn't! I CAN FEEL MY BODY. I don't need him to tell me how something feels. It felt wrong and it was wrong. The thing that was necessary to be fixed first is what I told him tonight. There are a few more things that need to be fixed next. I don't know how to fix them and that's why I came to him.

His booklet wants you to commit for 3-5 months. I suppose that's how he makes the bulk of his money.

Also, he doesn't prescribe any homework. That's a bad sign. I want to do something for myself, not wait for him to fix me and keep on going to him. Last time I asked about it and he said that he will give me some when he learns more about me. He sounded surprised to be asked that.

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