Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For Mel:

I already locally have messages on bulletin boards, flyers, newspaper add, yellow pages, etc. I even paid 250$ for an Internet add on a local site, and got one call from it.... The only good thing is that the owner referred me orally to her friend, so that recouped the money. I also paid 150$ for a small expo and at least recovered the investment. I will try a magazine add this year, that's another 300$, a big expo, another 300$, and Holistic Hawaii web listing.

I also paid 250$ for yellow pages internet add, which produced ZERO response although it was on the top of the listing. It doesn't even come up in google... Luckily, they put it wrong, so I just canceled it. Otherwise, it would have been 200$ per month for nothing. The paper yellow pages is 50$ per month and nobody called me on that either.

Because I am in a small tourist town, with 1000000000 other massage therapists, fortunately, most of them are not good, it is well known that North Shore has lousy massage, but people won't know that until they try it, and also some people don't care and cannot recognize a good massage, they want something else - flirting, hanging out with someone cool, talking interesting stuff, being pampered, being catered to, playing the boss, having some authority "fix" them, an escape from life, taking a nap somewhere, playing rich, etc. People who want it all looking good and playing rich and really don't care for the massage, go to a spa. People who want someone "interesting" go to a dude with funky looking hair and free-looking lifestyle. Lots of women go there. Surfers go to their surf friends. A lot of men go to the lady therapist who works in a spaghetti strap top. And so on. Well, to everyone their own. Luckily there are enough types of people, there is something for everyone.

My work is focused on treatment. I tend to work with people who want a truly remodeling massage with health benefits, with self introspection, self awareness, education, and all that jazz. My service is not really just massage, but a whole healing package. It's about God in everything.

The down part of that is people may not want that, because they are complacent and it looks too hard. So I get a lot of clients with injuries and that's how people are kicked in the butt to start the healing process, which translates into their whole life. So far I was kinda quiet about what I really do but it would be better if it were conscious on the client part.

Most people are completely asleep and unaware, and those won't like my work. Only someone who is beginning to wake up, who has some inkling, some affinity for being real. I am very low key and it is hard to detect me, so only someone who has Some Calling in their heart will be able to find me. It is pretty amazing what that can look like, my clients range from lawyers to plumbers, but they are all quite some characters. They THINK for themselves, which imo is a high accomplishment. Also, they are able to reflect deeply and from the heart. They are real, in short. They already schine, I just help them polish.

So, to me, it is a priviledge to hang out with my clients, because they are cool, truly cool. Not because they look cool or are this or that, but because they are cool people inside, with brains and hearts that they DO use. Way cool!

My younglest client is 2 years old, and has big brown eyes full of stars. The oldest is about 80some and is as sharp as you can imagine.

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