Thursday, January 17, 2008

Healing sinuses holistically

All my life I suffered from sinus infections. The infection starts in the nose, then the goo drips down the throat, and causes throat infection, which can then infect the tonsils and/or the bronchii and lungs. If there are no tonsils, the infection would go straight for the chest and could cause bronchitis. Also, it can go the other way - start from sore throat and then spread into sinuses. For some people, it can spread into ears too. Living in a very poluted city, coal soot all over, as a child I used to have sinus infections and bronchitis once or twice per year.... It would be a gruesome experience, with yellow green pus all over, fever, headache, not being able to breathe and move, feeling so weak, ..... With antibiotics, penicilin shots even... Nothing helped, no vitamins, etc. Until my auntie took me to the mountains in the winter time, TO FRESH AIR AND LOTS OF BREATHING, which totally cleared my sinuses, literally overnight. After that, I learned the trick and kept myself healthy, for the most part. I never let it get to bronchitis anymore. I did have some sinus infections still.

I noticed that the dust and mold or some other infection gets my sinuses infected. Somehow, when something gets in there, it doesn't come out properly, but stays and causes trouble. It seems purely a mechanical problem, like something physically doesn't "fit" quite properly so sinuses cannot clean themselves well. It also seemed to happen when my immune system was low and I was under stress. Discovering neti pot and cleaning sinuses with salty water saved me. Living by the sea and swimming in salt water totally eliminated the problems - except for those periods when I don't go into the water for some reason (e.g. rain, etc.)

Anyways, my parents recently came for a visit. My mother criticized my massage business, which she thinks is not prestigious enough, and got me totally worried about my ability to attract customers while this monster is living in my house and sucking my confidence dry. I promptly developed a sinus infection, just like I did in childhood. The infection did not get terrible because:

I did Hawai'ian ho'oponopono (forgiveness and cleansing practice) to forgive my mother and myself, and to move on. That did wonders - all of the sudden, my parents didn't matter anymore. I became immune to their sniveling.
I breathed through the nose although the temptation was to breathe through the mouth.
I really paid attention to breathing and letting air everywhere.
I smiled. I noticed that that opens the sinuses and makes them air better.
I drank lots of freshly squeezed lemon, which shrinks the tissues.
And rinsed the sinuses a lot with salty water.

It was an amazing experience! What usually turns into a terrible infection was not bad at all. I was congnizant at all times. I treated my parents nicely. I treated myself pretty nicely.

I thought about "something doesn't physically fit properly". Back then as a child, I had no clue about holistic health. My parents had no clue. Heck, even now, they did not notice that I was sneazing or using my henkie. When I said I had trouble, they brushed it off as "allergy". But to me it definitely felt like tight muscles squeezing something too tightly and causing a clog. I always had a tight neck and tight jaw. As a bodyworker, I was sure the tight neck was causing something off in the head arrangement to somehow "close up" the sinuses. So, I had a chiropractor adjust me, but my neck was still stiff... Then, I worked on my own neck and made something release and relax, and LO AND BEHOLD, the sinus infection was gone overnight!!!!

Then I noticed that my jaw relaxed. It was in the position of "snarling" or wanting to bite, with front teeth exposed and lower jaw pulled back. I was amazed to discover this... That's the physical result of being angry at someone. That's why meditation and calming down and forgiveness practice works in healing.

And it feels sooooooo good to have my good health and breathing back!!! I appreciate it so dearly.

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