Saturday, January 12, 2008

Parents as a damaging force

Today I (rather proudly) told my mother that I have worked quite a lot this week and had many satisfied clients. I also drove far away to the city on 3 days, helped out at my favorite school, taught a class, and went out with friends. I was out on 2 late nights and spent 2 days away from home working. It was a BUSY week! So today I slept in and it felt luxurious to just lounge around, not having to go anywhere. It would have been nice to even have a boyfriend...

So I said to my mom: "I slept late today. This week I had many clients!" and she said in a very impatient, surly way: "Sure, but see how tired you got?"

And I just stood there speechless. This woman obviously has NO interest in helping me grow my business. Zero, ziltch, nothing. She never said a word when I was truly complaining and falling flat on my face during my engineering years. Because, engineering was something she could boast about to the neighbors. She thinks my massage business sucks. That it is not prestigious, etc. She doesn't like it, in short. WOW!!!

And this monster kid and her equally rude companion, my father, will be in my house for a month. Can I withstand their assaults? I will have to stand for myself big time.... They don't believe in me. I will have to believe in me and find other people to support me.

Ok, a big test ahead!

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