Friday, March 14, 2008

"I will call you"

In the last several weeks, I received phone calls from about 5 (sounding relatively young) males and 1 female visiting the island who "found my number while googling on their blackberry" or whatever other gadget they were using.

They call in the last moment and then ask for massage for several people on that same day, or think they can get here in 30 mins, etc. They inquire about massage by asking me "what we guys have available," so it seems they think I am some kind of spa.

It is completely evident they have no experience in getting good massages. Seems like they go to their friends and feel free to do as they please. They spend money on some gadgets or whatever it is they spend money on, but not on people-oriented services.

They all finish their call by saying they will consult their friends and then say:

And they never do. The proper way to say it is: we will talk it over and call you back if it fits our schedule.

I have enough customers to keep me busy and on some days I am totally booked and cannot squeeze anyone in. How come they don't understand - if a massage therapist is good, they are BOOKED and it is advisable to book in advance as much as possible. Yeah, if you luck out then you might luck out and get an appointmnent on the same day with a GOOD massage therapist. Maybe. Maybe not!

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