Sunday, April 27, 2008

just say no to "discounted" massage

In the last several days, I got two phone calls from people from the continental USA who wanted a discount on their massages because I was going to be there for several massages. I gave them 5$ off. They asked for more.

I simply said no. If they want a good massage, then they should pay for the quality. My education costs a lot of money - each class is 4-5 days of lost income because I cannot work during that time, plus about 800$ just for the class... Even a simple weekend class is at least $350. So - if you want good massage, you need a trained therapist, and that costs money...

I could have said: sure, I will just work for less time, maybe 45 mins instead of 60 minutes. Is that ok? And then they could have decided what to do. I didn't do that, though, and that woman will not call back. Fine. She can find someone else to rip off. I wonder if she bargained with the restaurants, with vacation rental place, with the car rental place, etc.?

What are they thinking? One woman said that she just came back from Mexico and paid $45 for massage there, so that's what she wants to pay here. Good luck... They are renting 800$ per night vacation rentals on the beach, and they have no trouble with that; they are paying for restaurants, clothes, etc., they would pay to a chirporactor or a medical doctor, but they cannot pay for a massage?

It's the matter of priorities, don't you think?

For me, if someone wants my service, I will do a good service, and I expect a good pay. As simple as that. There is a certain dignity about it.

Also, people think I am some kind of a spa... People from the continental USA are used to commercialism and many cannot tell what is real and what isn't. Those who have problems that needed fixing probably tried various options and concluded what works, and will go to a "hole in the wall" for a good massage, and will pay for it honestly.

The trick is the massage, not the environment. Of course, the environment needs to be nice. But the massage therapist is the main ingredient. A tourist woman asked me over the phone to tell her more about my facility. I told her that it is a hole in the wall with a super good massage!
Obviously, she does not get massages and has no clue what she is shopping for. I didn't do a good job of educating her, though :)

Those who have no clue will go to a spa and pay 150$ for a spa massage, known as "rubbing lotion in." It's not a therapeutic massage, and often, not even relaxing because it doesn't feel right. But - some people cannot tell! Or they need the experience of ravishing in the luxury. So they go there. Fine. Some mediocre massage therapists need to make a living. Spas employ those who are not good enough and/or do not know business and thus cannot make a living on their own.


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