Friday, August 22, 2008

energy work in spa setting

I heard that a resort spa made their massage therapists take a short class (probably a few hours) in some "energy techniques" taught by a local "shaman" and is allowing the therapists to do that on spa guests.


Energy work is for someone who is highly trained and capable to do it. There are so many dangers in doing energy work without really knowing what one is doing. Because, energy work is in the realm of shaman. There are all kinds of physical and non-physical entities that are involved in energy work. Only someone who has very very extensive training in a well established and "clean" lineage AND is constantly supervised by the elders AND lives a very pure and spiritual life maybe could try doing some energy work, with very extensive preparation, prayer, etc.

Doing energy work without proper training and preparation is like giving a gun to a kid. It is just plain dangerous. It is calling for spiritual possessions, opening holes in auric field, and all kinds of stuff like that. Those things can happen anywhere anyways if one is careless, but *****meddling into them intentionally**** is really asking for trouble.

One cannot know what the story is with a massage establishment, the only thing one can do is FEEL the vibe of the place and the therapist. If it doesn't feel right, run.


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