Tuesday, September 16, 2008

advertising is more important than quality...

I just got a phone call from a fellow massage therapist that I know from before. I went to her youtube video.

Well, she does a very lousy massage. I know her touch personally, and it is uncomfortable, and also it is apparent from the video. Someone with experience and a good sense of touch can tell.

However, a lot of people have not had good massages and high quality touch, so they cannot tell (e.g. most all spa customers).

Also, this therapist advertises very well, her add is full of pictures, moving things, even youtube video, and it seems that she works in a nice relaxing space. From what I know about her, she is also very pleasing and caters to people a lot. And, she is well groomed and looks rather pretty. And, she is political and diplomatical.

So - people pay. She charges a hefty fee and nobody cares.

She is a good business person - she wants to charge me 20$ for every client she refers to me. Well....

First, it is a lot of money for me to pay, and I won't pay it. Second, her clients might not like me - I am a HEALER. My massage is something completely different than just a pampering hour. It changes people's lives. I work with people who have something Real inside them and need assistance with Inner Work. Bodywork is just an excuse to do that.

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