Sunday, September 14, 2008

attention is a kind of food

Today I noticed that one of our dancers looks much ... nicer. She has been progressing in that direction for a while, and today I could really notice something different, something more ... schiney and grounded, more confident, more "full" about her. Last week I saw her walk to the supermarket with one of the guys that practice martial arts during our dance class. It was obvious that he was really trying hard around her.

Today it was clear that they are together, and that he treats her with a lot of respect and gives her a lot of attention, and is really dedicated and devoted to her. That is probably what is making her more beautiful - his attention.

Love brings out in people a certain - what shall we call it - note. Just like an instrument gets tuned.

We can be happy when we are alone, which gives us a certain glow, we are happy with God, which gives the best and most deepest glow, and also - human attention gives that very special glow of satisfaction and peace around someone.

Human attention is short lived so that's why often it deteriorates into stale, murky, grungy feelings. It takes God to keep on maintaining the human relationships... which we need. We humans are social animals and do need human attention and love.

True love, from a partner who really adores us, gives a kind of glow that is very special.

Another dancer was totally glorious today, extremely beautiful, radiant, just so happy. Standing next to her was like standing next to sunshine. Well, one of the drummers took her home. Perhaps his attention is what made so radiant today - I don't know.

I just observe and take notes.

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