Monday, September 15, 2008

The "holy trinity" and the blind spots

A long time ago, I did a Vision Quest. (Vision Quest is a Native American way to gain clarity. It involves sitting in a 10ft circle in the middle of the woods, alone, not speaking, not seeing anyone, for 4 days and 4 nights, just drinking water, trying to stay awake as much as possible, trying to Listen and to Communicate.)

So, it became clear to me what I intuitively understood earlier: each human being is a bridge between Earth and Spirit, and needs to have a harmonious relationship with the Earth, with God, with other humans, and with themselves internally.

This belief is the foundation of Japanese and other eastern beliefs, and also Hawaiian. I see it as a human being inside a circle consisting of 3 points.

Personally, I tent to slack on the human part. I don't like to idly chit chat and socialize, it is just a waste of time. I don't need to be impressing anyone, belittling anyone, gossip and bs are bologney, chattering away is boring.... So I tend to spend a lot of time alone.

However, there is a balance there, because each one of us does need to connect to other human beings. My healing mentors always told me that I am "wired differently" as a healer, and that indeed I am different, but I am not separate. In other words, it is my duty as well as my need to hang out with other people. The only question is where?

The African drum and dance classes used to be the only ways to draw the hermit me out to socialize with the public, because those events are cooperative community events that are truly win-win situations, where people come together to create something beautiful. My presence there and my effort contribute to the greater whole, and of course the vice versa, I greatly benefit from that music.

I can also hang out with people after the class. If I put effort to not be separate and to hold conversations at the level I am comfortable with, I have a great deal to contribute - people always need someone to listen to them, to validate them, to pay attention, to praise and encourage them. I can do that, as being a healer involves seeing the beautiful and worthy in each person. It also involves seeing the ugly and undeveloped, and figuring out a sly way to draw out the beautiful. It is like ... working with a diamond in the rough. How do we clean out the rough without damaging the diamond, and how do we liberate the diamond to schine as much as it can.

Because, each person can always participate on any level from low to high, if guided in that direction. If I start chitchatting bs, people will be tempted to participate in that. Yesterday I overheard a conversation about someone farting during yoga class. It was an interesting topic to the people who were talking... If I start talking about something deeper and in a more focused way, then it pulls people in that direction, and they have something to say about that. Yesterday someone talked about foster children and then another person mentioned their own experiences, and it was a deep sharing. It will change someone's life for better.

In my case, this improvement of putting more effort to connect with people in social situations comes because of my boyfriend, who saw the "diamond in the rough" in me and kindly said a few things that got me thinking.


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