Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relationships and marriage yoga

I told my mother that the "christian" guy who wanted to be my boyfriend quit in a jiffy when we started talking about our views of God, and he claimed that Jesus is THE ONLY way to God, and that Bible is totally correct and true verbatim, and that Jesus died for our sins, and that there is nothing we can do to further in life but pray.

I said that God loves equally Chritians and Buddhists and everyone else, that there are many paths depending on our own personal growth and inclinations, and we are free to pick the path that seems best to us. That we have to put in a lot of effort into our own Inner Growth, as well as prayer and meditation. And that some paths are shorter, some are longer, some are dead end, and this churchian path is definitely dead end. One has to start bushwacking out of that muck towards some real trail....

My mother, in one of her very clear moments of total and complete lucid humanity and compassion, said:

the real Jesus would be crying if he knew what this guy is doing.
Such intolerant, closed, icky beliefs are from dark ages and have no place in 21st century, with the Earth becoming one little village and everyone is our brother and sister, and we are all becoming a little more conscious and compassionate every day.

She also made some other comments about our own religion, serbian orthodox christianity, and said that we have been lucky because it is rather "loose", there are lots of choices and very little brainwashing, and there is no sense of guilt, fear, etc. . Whereas the western forms of christianity tend to be severe and very limiting, and work on guilt and fear. Yes, they are successful in terms of money and power, aren't they. It says a lot about people of the world.

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