Saturday, September 27, 2008


One thing that is intriguing about life on Earth is that nobody wants to pay for what they want.

People claim they want happiness, love, satisfying and lasting relationships, abundance, and so on, but very few are willing to follow the spiritual laws to actually make that happen.

How is it possible to have something and not pay for it?

Like my churchian friend. His belief in being "special" and dissing other people based on their religous preferences is crippling emotionally and spiritually. He will never be able to love and have satisfying relationshiops, because his beliefs are nazi and it is just not possible to love from that belief system.

So yes, he will find someone and they will have a nazi relationship, and they will quarrel, and divorce and blame each other, eventually.

They will wonder why and what they did wrong to god so that he is punishing them.

But the reality is that we, the people, do really stupid stuff and then expect terrific results. It is just impossible.

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