Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Just like I advise my clients, I also have to budget my time. It is rather tricky.

Massage is one hour. So in that time, I have to "complete" the task. For example, help someone in pain, relax them, etc. It takes tremendous concetration on my part to be able to stick to time, and sometimes it is not possible. Sometimes I discover things as I go along and it takes time to fix it. Sometimes everything is going fine and then I come to the very last 10 mins, e.g. neck, and discover that it needs major help... Then what? Do I work extra 5 mins for free? Or tell them that they need to come back again? Or ask if I can work longer on them right there and then (meaning: they have to pay for the extra time.) Those are decisions I have to make on the spot.

It takes tremendous focus, concetration and clarity on my part. I need to accomplish the goal of the massage and feel complete with the task. And, at peace with the fact that it is NOT possible to fix ALL their problems in that one hour. People try to expect that sometimes :) and they try to push their expectation on me. Well - what can I say? I am not Jesus Christ and I do not heal instantly.

Sometimes I work a little longer on someone for free. 5 mins extra is generally ok, esp for clients who are regular. For some clients, even one minute extra is bad because they are leeches and need the lesson of boundaries.

If it is more than 5 mins for free, it does disservice to me and to them, and I stay out of those situations. Then I have to say: I will need to work a little longer, is that ok? They have to agree to it... Sometimes they do need it, e.g. if injuries, but they don't want to pay for extra time... I have to tell them: come back tomorrow, or: I am going to work on you some longer, is that ok? Sometimes I am distracted and it takes me a while to get into concetrating. Like today, I was working next to a construction site, so I had to work 15 mins extra because that's how much time I lost worrying about the noise and I still needed to do a good job on the massage.

These are some issues every service provider has to wrestle with. Where is the fine line, and when do we say bye to a client? We need to be able to set good boundaries... People try to take advantage of "soft" people, and that does disservice to everyone. Saying a firm NO is a better healing thing...


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