Friday, October 24, 2008

language as expression of "insides"

English has "cooing" words like babe, honey, sweetie, sweetie pie, baby, dear, darling.

Serbian has so many more nice words for cooing to each other and calling each other. The words can be used for children too, they are all heart words. So one call call another: my heart, soul, gold, eye, pupil of my eye, lamb, chick, kitty, doggy, tom cat, etcand of course dear, darling, etc.

Most words can be made into cooing words in Serbian. For example, if you call someone "my eyelashes" with the right intonation, it means "darling", baby, etc. The intonation would determine the meaning, so it can be used for a child as well as some stud lover. The intent is just to show the warmth from the heart and "pet" someone else, make it nice for them. So many other words can be used... Serbian has deminutive which makes words into "cute". For example, the word "eye" when put into demininutive has a very cooey application. There are words which mean nothing but are cooing words, like Mica. One can call a cat like that.

English seems rather poor in comparison.
Babe is definitely sexy - it is what one would call Marylin Monroe or some stud guy...Honey is nice, I like that. Sweetie is a little too smoochey for me :) I like darling. My handyman called me that and I like the sound of it. A pen pal called me dear a long time ago and then stopped :) It was nice while it lasted.

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