Saturday, October 18, 2008

Letter to a fundamentalist "Christian"

A fundamentalist "christian" told me that Jesus is THE only way to reach God, that Bible is totally accurate and to be followed to the last word, etc. I was simply -.... shocked.

First I thought the person was evil on purpose. Then I thought the person is ignorant. Then I finally realized the person is simply not intelligent enough to escape what they have been taught from early age.

It finally dawned on me: you have no capacity to move out of your box. You are so completely sold on it and you see nothing wrong with it, and thus there is no way it will ever change.

What you believe in is just an extension of what you believed in growing up in your small town america -
that there is an elitist group of people; and this group holds the "powers"; and it is a very good thing to side with them.

To you, the world is based on some being subservient and lesser, and some being more special and having power over others. To you, the basic idea that God is One and that All are His Children is a foreign idea. You are just set on defending your little fenced yard. You have no ability and no desire to ever think of the rest of the world.

So your nacism beliefs just continue all your life. Your churchianity is just a form of elitism, leading to power over, and slavery. You are a voluntary slave to this system, because it makes you feel special. You continue to engage in gossip and bsing and doing whatever.

And that's all that you are capable of. You have no intellectual capacity nor the wisdom in your heart to see that you are participating in something fake and destructive. IT ALL SEEMS FINE TO YOU.

*****Something inside you is broken.***** You cannot think clearly, and your heart is polluted.

It should bother you very much to believe in the idea that you are special because you believe in bible and jesus, that jesus is the only way, thay you have nothing to do because he did it all, and that there is no way you will ever reach God like he did.

***All that you stand for is totally contradictory to true Christianity.***

And there is no "Christianity." There is only one God. So going to Him one way or another really doesn't make a difference. All real spiritual work is "Christianity" as well as "buddhism" or "sufism" or whatever. ALL REAL SPIRITUAL WORK IS THE SAME IN THE ESSENCE, it is just the external oblanda that can *look* different but THE TEACHING IS THE SAME. There is Only One God.

You do not love anything but you. When things are all in your favor and served to you on a silver platter, when it is all about entertaining you and catering to you, when you are the center of attention and it is all "fun" - then you "love".

When it becomes slightly uncomfortable, you completely forget that you have ever "loved". You quickly bail, without any remorse or any thinking whatsoever. It just happens. It caused you inconvenience and you won't deal with it.

In that, you are yet another great example of your small american town - of the consumerism. In this case, consumerism of people.

This is relevant to all human beings in the world - the laziness, the greed, the complacency, the abuse, the taking advantage of, the selfishness, the easy way out, no thinking, just taking care of one's own ass - are all characteristics of human ego. Some cultures do a better job of teaching people a little bit to overcome this. Your culture does a great job of putting people to sleep. And you are a great product of where you come from!

Somehow you do not have the ability to escape this. You don't see anything wrong in your nazi views. You think they are great.


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