Wednesday, October 22, 2008

living fully

My pretty blonde neighbor is just gone to the beach with her dog and a guy. I haven't seen her husband for a month... He was plain rude and selfish and nasty, treated her pretty disrespectfully, and I was wondering how she could tolerate him. Yeah, he was handsome and charming, according to some standards, but not to mine :) He would blast his TV set with all windows open, we would complain and he would send us neighbors to hell.... Then we would call the manager and he'd hear the manager coming and turn the volume down... then back up as soon as the manager left.... Just before he disappeared, he was unusually quiet, and I was thinking maybe he straightened out and became considerate? good job! but then he disappeared and this other guy visits.

Anyways, I was admiring how she handled it - putting music on with "love is in the air", singing, cleaning her house, her new beau and she took the dog to the beach....

I need to be more like her, happy, positive and proactive. Life is to be enjoyed.

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