Sunday, October 19, 2008

nothing to do, nowhere to go, and womens' rights

I have traveled *a lot* - all the time - all over the world - before I came to Hawai'i. Now, I don't have any desire to travel. I only have a desire to stay home and live a boringly exciting family and community life. I have no desire to drive even to the other side of the island, I am still patrolling my "11 mile" radius around here and I am behind on that.

The only thing missing is a husband, or at least a boyfriend :) so that I can start living that dream. :)

Wow, you have travelled!

Depressing though that in all those places, practice is so far behind


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From: Milica Barjaktarovic

I grew up in communist Yugoslavia. So women on one hand were supposed to be
praised as "equal comrades" and on the other hand old stuff was rampant,
people would say: I have 3 kids and 2 daughters (meaning: daughters are not
kids). And things like: if you have a daughter, you are just raising someone
else's help (i.e she will get married and will serve her in-laws). And,
since women worked (in communism, it was encouraged, plus of course everyone
had to work in order to afford to live! housewives were a very rare
occurrence!), women ended up working for money full time AND also doing all
housework at home.

I was in England in 1990s for a short visit, after living in the USA for
like 20 yrs, and it struck me how chauvinist England was. It was just behind
the times.

Austria and the rest of Europe are hard to break into, the old stuff is very
alive, the ranks, the class, the names, the gender, all that....

I live in Hawai'i now and it is also behind the times in terms of women's
equality, because it is based on Japanese culture. In some other ways, it is

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