Thursday, November 6, 2008

Applied spirituality: relationships

My meditation group leader shared a few pearls of wisdom about relationships. We are all in relationship to everything around us, including other people, and perhaps including our family, children, partners and spouses.

So, relationship work applies to anyone, single or not. We all relate to other humans, animals, plants, organizations, etc. If we happen to have significant other(s), then the relationship Work is intensified. That's called marriage yoga :)

He said that the Work for anyone is to get the answers from within. This is totally cognizant with any real tradition - everyone says: prove it for yourself. Try it for yourself.

When people are weak, they seek answers from outside, e.g. from church, other people, etc.

To get the answers from within, one needs to really develop attention so that one can hear that Inner Vision. For that, one needs to RESPECT the inner "advisor" in my case, inner _____ (fill in the blank with your name) who always knows and always tells me the right thing to do.

So far I haven't trusted that because I never spent the time to get to know this inner advisor. We are all raised in a very shabby way. Very seldom do we learn about listening to this inner voice.

If I sit and meditate every day, I will learn to trust that voice more.

So - do it! At least 15 mins in the morning, ideally 30 mins. Morning is the best, because the mind and the body are fresh.

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