Monday, November 10, 2008

importance of good food, water and love, in that order

Just watching my cat - she definitely glows. Her orange fur is like miniature fire. What a nice coat, what nice bushy tail, what a schine and thickness and silkiness in the fur. A gorgeous, muscular, beautiful cat.

The trick was some very good food (and quite a bit of it) - she goes to my neighbor for an early breakfast, then comes to me for a brunch, then lunch, then dinner, then a late snack. She also goes to him as much as she can - but he gives her just one little scoop. I give her a handfull. Seems like Friskies did it, when my neighbor discovered Friskies then her coat got better.
Seems like I am the only one to give her water, she drinks a lot.

And of course, all the little snacks in between - yesterday my front door was full of bird feathers. Ocasionally there is a gift of a mouse or a small rat.

And, this cat is majorly loved. She doesn't let anyone pet her. But - how can I refrain from petting such a nice fluffy purr? Now I have no qualms about it, I just grab her and pet her. Since she has been abused as a kitten, her learned behavior is to run! So it is quite funny, because her innate instict is to PURR and enjoy me petting her, and then she remembers that she is not supposed to enjoy it, and then she purrs and tries to escape - at the same time :)

But all that good food and all that love is doing something, the cat literally doubled in size and her coat is amazingly beautiful.

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