Sunday, November 16, 2008

local customers in Hawaii are bad

No wonder people think that locals here in Hawaii are bozos. Because some are. Combination of no education with certain traits of local culture produces something quite off. "Local" is any combination of Polynesian, Philipino, Japanese, and caucasian. Someone who was born and raised here and probably never traveled outside of the island.

Last night (Saturday) I got a phone call at 9:15pm. A local guy named Puno from Hauula found my number in the paper and called me to get a massage appointment, because his lower back was hurting. I asked him why he didn't call earlier in the day? It turns out he was in a car accident 3 days ago. He was from a town 45 mins away. He was willing to come in at 10pm and pay for a hotel overnight. Then he asked me if I would drive out there, he'd set up a tent for me. I said no way, but come tomorrow early, like ... 7am. He said ok.

On Sunday morning, I get a phone call at 6:15am, this guy is about 20 mins from my home and is coming. The strange thing is that he was 20 mins away from my home BUT IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION than his town - he said he was "visiting some relatives". Strange. Anyways, I say, ok, you can come, just call me just before you come so that I know (earlier than 7am requires being prepared! in my case).

He never showed up. I called him at 7:15am to see where he was and he said that he was "running a little late." After that, he didn't even answer his phone anymore.

This is the third local customer who does this. They are weird.

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