Sunday, November 23, 2008

monk seal on the beach

There was an adult monk seal on the beach in the neighborhood this evening. Kids came to check on it, it was just layung down in front of the huge apartment building.

Then a relatively young woman (in her 30s) came out and practically sat on the seal - perhaps about 20 ft away... The seal lay there for a very short time, then started going into water. I saw a flash from the woman... Later she defended herself saying that the seal went away on its own and the flash was from a cell phone...

Gosh, yet another stupid "tourist". Tourist on Earth -

doesn't this person know that wildlife doesn't like being encroached upon and definitely does not like any techno gizmos that flash and/or make noise?

We need more Earth education, for sure. People need to learn to be stewards of the Earth and its life. It is healing for everyone. It helps provide living environment for everyone and everything.

The kids came back to check on the seal and were so disappointed that the seal was gone. Yes .... Hope the seal is safe. Often they get to the shore because sharks chase them, or the waves are too much, or....

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