Tuesday, November 25, 2008

shiatsu works!

COntinuing to work on the client who has fused neck vertebra and fused low back vertebra (I think 5,6 cervical and 4,5 lumbar, he wasn't sure himself but just showed me the area) and a serious shoulder/neck/ribs injury that left him living 10 yrs on pain killers.

Continuing to work using plain old SHIATSU. I have tried all techniques I know on this guy and plain old shiatsu works the best.... Because we move along meridians, that's my educated guess. We are following certain patterns and restoring balance in an organized way. Myofascial release in an organized way, so everything goes back into place.

Some spots on him are SO tight that I am basicaly doing NMT along a meridian... For example, heart protector in the arms - the connection between arm and shoulder is SO TIGHT, it is like a piece of cement, and I can really dig my elbow in there - yes! elbow into a yin meridian! - and keep on moving along that ropey area. Eventually it softens...

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