Sunday, November 16, 2008

a study into churchianity

A thing that is very interesting to me now is this "christian" species.

The religious guy who was after me was swearing to "love me more than anything" and that he "couldn't live without me." Well, after a few probing questions about Bible and Jesus and that whole deal, he bailed out in literally 1 second saying that that was more important to him than anything. Well.... so be it. It is rather interesting that for years he claims one thing is most important, and then it turns out that something else has been most important - his own ass, fearing hell and eagerly anticipating heaven.

It is amazing that someone can feel such a great love for someone/something one day and nothing the next day, isn't it? Also, that the person is "moving along just fine" after they bailed. And that the person believes that he is totally washed clean and started anew without even a trace of thinking about me, the object of previously oh so high love.

It makes you wonder what those "christians" consider to be love. It seems to be just a bunch of words without any feeling or committment.

Also, this idea that he is washed clean and is not even thinking about me. That's even more telling. Seems like christians live by the law of denial too.

Interesting, isn't it? By studying this one specimen, we are gaining a great insight into the whole group of people who call themselves "christian." These people vote, they make decisions, they own, they earn money, they raise children, .... They create a very scary, fake world that is really a hell.

And I have become an expert on possessions and addictions, seems like. I have never seen anything like this. Well of course I have - people who like to drink, junkies, womanizers/mennazers (or whatever it is called), permanently jobless living with parents, permanently parents' kids, partiers, fashion addicts, permanently traveling, etc etc. I just haven't met this particular kind of addiction before. Now I have seen it. Wow, this one is quite one of the worst, actually, because this guy actually has no heart whatsoever, just a little juke box that plays one tune he learned in church and that he keeps on parroting, while meanwhile he does whatever he wants, stepping all over others and being selfish and cruel. And he votes - for anti gay marriages, for .... This kind is really one of the worst because it holds jobs and has money and arrogantly and self centerdly votes - for cruelty, denial, segregation, etc etc and all under the pretense of being "good."


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