Sunday, November 16, 2008


A fundamentalist christian tried to persuade me that churchianity and Inner Work are compatible. They are not. To everyone trying to wake up, there is nothing real in "christianity" as practiced by western church, and so be it. Also, this is not a place that pracices "a little bit of that and a little bit of this". It is entirely impossible to mix and match teachings that put us asleep with teachings that try to wake us up. One has to go either one or the other way, and that's it.

I guess that the main thing for a churchian to see is that churchianity puts us to sleep. Probably that is the most difficult part to see, because it shatters some rosey glasses illusions that 'christians' like to have about themselves - how "good" they are.

Nobody can be 'good' until they Work on themselves to have enough cosciousness to actually be able to do the right thing - sometimes. It's a lot harder than it seems.

Now, looking back, at some point I also believed I was "good." That was a very very long time ago ... before I learned to observe myself. We are not good at all. We are a bag of negative emotions and bad habits that is covering up what is truly good. To dig up the gold under the mud, takes a lot of work - it is like diamonds, they are burried deep deep deep.

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