Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lassie is coming back home: Born Again meets Jehova's witness

I asked some difficult questions about fundamentalist christianity to my wannabe friend who belongs in that club. I just asked what kind of god is it that segregates, keeps you in check with fear, etc. He responded by scolding me for blasphemy and stopping any contact with me. Seems to me like he was feeling very proud, like old fashioned christians who were thrown to lions, like he deserved a gold medal for exemplary behavior.

Well, after about a month, I get a Xmass card from him saying what a wonderful home I have etc etc etc. He sent the card because he felt "something warm in his heart" and "he always thought Xmass was special".

In translation: life in my house is very healing, because I am dedicated to Inner Work and Healing, and it is nice to hang out around that. It is Loving, it is True, it is Real. It made my cat from a scaredy dirty mangy stray into a gorgeous tiger. I can pet that cat now, and she likes it. I just shower her with love. It is very very unlike his churchianity, in fact, totally opposite. Maybe he is beginning to realize that such nice places are actually precious and happen because of some principles that are worth investigating....

Especially after this Born Again met a Jehovas Witness. He thought that the Jehova's Witness was a moron. But their beliefs are approximately the same.... it's the same brand of fear-based churchianity.

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