Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Study of churchianity addiction

After thinking and styduing the phenomena of churchianity and the addiction it makes, it is very clear it is completely suitable and populated by very immature people - immature spiritual beliefs and immature in "regular" life.

Churchians interpret everything as rules, and rules in the physical. If the Bible says "Jesus" then it is the actual person Jesus. It is not the Christ Consciousness. God smacks you if you disobey the rules, and rewards you if you are a good boy/girl. And the beliefs about "christians" being the only ones that are "saved" are plain fashist.

And it doesn't really matter what you do with OTHER PEOPLE. What other people think does not matter because it is just other people, not God. So if you treat others badly, then - well - too bad. If it is something really really bad, then say a prayer, ask for forgiveness from God, and MOVE ON. No questions asked.

And, it is not ok to be happy. Christians have to suffer. It is required to ponder how God is coming to get you and smack your ass.


What does all this look like in a person's life? Let me give you an example of how "loving good christians" actually live. There are a lot worse examples than this one, since loving good christians go to war, kill others, had slaves, etc. all in the name of christian love.
The following example shows what it looks like in "regular" peaceful life.

So this devout good christian tells me he loves me so much he cannot live without me. His behavior doesn't really show it, though - he is incapable of relating, giving attention to me or listening or being present even for a short time; the only thing he can do is be in total control and he bails every time you ask him difficult questions. In short: a spoiled, selfish brat.

And a party pooper - cannot be happy for any amount of time. We'd go walk on the beach, and he'd be all worried about God and what wrong he did and totally incapable of even having a conversation with me.

So he claims he loves me and cannot live without me. Meanwhile, he is living without me quite fine. He bailed when I asked him some difficult questions about his religion, he proudly stated he is sticking to it! and I have never seen any trace of him for months. Furthermore, he turned his bail into a medal-giving occasion, since he proudly defended his faith and was feeling very good about himself. He told me that he suffered for one weekend, but asked God to take care of it, and then his life picked up and is very exciting, full of charitable projects. He is a "good influence" where he lives. Never mind that he took about 1 second to bail from the relationship that he so wanted - he was claiming he wanted to marry me. From wanting to marry me to forgetting me in 1 second is rather a stretch, isn't it? But christians can do it. They can and do deny and lie. Their church teaches them to maintain good facade at any cost, denial and lies are ok.

It turns out that he did remember me recently - for a short time, while driving at work to another site. He saw nude Jannifer Anniston on yahoo news, which got him thinking about freedom - he was schocked that little kids can see this person, how dare she be so immoral?! - and then he was thinking where he is free and where he isn't, and in all that thinking, he somehow remembered me and thought about me for a short while in the car. As soon as he got out of the car, he forgot about me.

This good christian had no qualms about telling me all this, into my face. He described all the details, and concluded that he really never put any effort to have the relationship with me. Good morning!

The next step is rather educational too. He said all this, but never appologized. Actually, he dragged me into the conversation about how can J. ANniston dare do such immoral things??? I was just appaled. I bitterly complained - wow, that's how much you took me seriously and valued me, to bail without any consideration and then to ocassionally think in the car by some random chance .... That's not love at all. And now you are busy pondering if J. Anniston is moral or not, and even have the guts to drag me into that moral dilemma of yours. YOU DO NOT VALUE ME ONE BIT.

The guy could not even appologize for saying this, not to mention actually doing it, thinking it, believing it.

HE COULD NOT APPOLOGIZE. There is no shame in him, *** whatsoever ***.
A "human being" without any shame.

Furthermore, he yelled at me, telling me to get lost and stop complaining. Yes, this good christian yelled at me, telling me I am just causing trouble and unnecessarily bugging him with stupid stuff, and he never appologized for what he did. This same person that started the J. Anniston talk with how much he loved me, and proceeded to discuss how he didn't really think about me, and ended stating that he doesn't want to do anything to do with me because it is just too much trouble.

So - this is your picture of how "good christians" work. They are the same like a drug user. They have no shame, no remorse, nothing. They are so dulled into thinking they are saved and that's it, nothing else to do. They are arrogant because they are special, they are the chosen people. THEY HAVE NO SHAME. They will ditch you as soon as their ass is on line.

So, when you see a "good christian", RUN. Run for your life. Unless you are one of them, in which case it will all be fine. Two asleep people will sack each other just like asleep people do.

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