Saturday, January 31, 2009

born again is continuous, in every moment

As I was driving to work, I was singing Amazing Grace (one of my favorite songs) and being very touched by it, really putting effort to mentate on those words and soak them in. I felt that feeling, you know that feeling, when your heart opens and you are almost teary because you are so in Awe.

Then it dawned on me: this "born again" feeling is something that is supposed to be happening every moment. We are supposed to be reborn every moment, going back to God.

What a stiff interpretation by churchians - "once you are born again, that's it! paid the dues, got into the club, and now it's time to scoot. Lay by the pool and drink margaritas. Jesus will take care of it. No worries!" Well.... not quite.

Seems like a "normal" unaware human being is supposed to be practicing being born again over and over again, every moment. We fall into our own little head trips and we get lost. Then we start paying attention and at that moment, the world looks completely new - completely schiney, brand new to our eyes. We are in Awe. We are born again.
Then we fall asleep again and do not notice anything around us. A tiger could sneak on us and get us! So we wake up a little and take a look at the world again, with fresh eyes. We experience the world again as if we just arrived fresh on Earth, as we are just born again. For a second or two. We watch the sunset, the sunrise, a happy kid playing, the play of sunschine on the water, we listen to bird songs, or wind rustling in trees, or our lover reciting poetry, and we are in Awe. Then we fall asleep again...

and so it keeps on repeating. We are constantly reborn.

Amazing grace!


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