Thursday, January 1, 2009

Living Native

Today I was on the beach and going home when my friend called to tell me that she wasn't coming to our meeting. Since she had the keys to the meeting room, we couldn't get in... So I rushed home to get everyone's numbers to call them asap. And I was upset at this irresponsible "friend". I was going to call her back and bitch about it but her phone was busy.

I rushed home. I heard a little voice that said that my cell phone was not secured in my backpack, and - I ignored it.

I walked about 100 ft and then reached for the cell phone to call, and the phone wasn't there. I left my bag, went back, looking through the sand, no phone. Then I went back again, this time asking other beach goers if they saw it, and looking at the water. One woman told me the waves came high in the last few minutes.

So I looked more carefully into the water, and saw - a piece of plastic bag or something like that? floating around, something yellow and blue, very bright colors. I looked again, and it was a bright yellow fish with blue stripes, it had the shape of angel fish (i.e. triangular body and a long nose). It swam very very close to the shore, just a few inches from the shore. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE BEFORE on that beach, and certainly not so close. I ran after the fish to see it better but it was gone already.

Well, I remembered to take this as a sign, and I went back where I first saw the fish and ... my phone was right there, in the sand, under water.

The phone got soaked wet and doesn't work yet. Maybe it never will. But at least *I have it so I don't have to cancell my service, etc.

Thanks to the fish. A messenger from God. Thanks! I say to the Ocean and to God.

This way of doing things is Native. We just follow the signs from God. God is smart, He knows everything and He wants us well, so taking His hints is the best way to go.

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