Monday, March 9, 2009

Healing effect of music - African Congolese

I just came back from Congolese drum and dance camp - it was fabulous. Native lifestyle plus all the music and dance.

The camp is actually 10 days but you can come for any portion of it, and not even take any classes. The teachers are from Congo, Central Africa. They are Native. No questions asked, the camp is a healing experience, living Native in a community that cares. Everyone gets really happy and content - each person is included and honored.

The music is fantastic - such a workout for the body and the mind.

Check out

They have camp twice per year: March in Hawaii and July in N. California. There are lots of teachers/classes in San Fran and Oakland area year round.

The lead drummer: Hyacinte Massamba - see him play

The lead dancer: Chrysogone Diangouaya - google him

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