Sunday, April 12, 2009

how to fix lower back pain

A diary of someone I helped today:

I am almost 6ft tall and quite athletic. I stretch before and after any exercise.

Today I brought my massage chair to the market. I just put the chair down or picked it up, and suddenly I noticed I could not straighten up anymore. I was walking around bent, with pain radiating in the area where the sacrum meets the spine, across the entire back.

Oh well. I had to work 9-1, just waiting to go home and deal with this.

I tried first working on the abdomen, because trigger points (i.e. muscle knots) inside the abdomen, e.g. the psoas constellation, can throw the back. However, that that didn't work completely. Because there was no isolated pain in the back, it was all over. I could stand straighter but the ache was still there.

Then I tried working on the glutes, piriformis and other muscles around the sacrum. That helped some too. Also, it popped something in my neck and the neck felt better.

I tried stretching the psoas, the hamstrings, etc. I could not stretch the back backward when I tried the cat stretch. SOmething in the back was tight... I checked it and indeed, the mid back was really taught. No wonder it was pulling the tush up and squishing the vertebrae.

So, doing the math, I finally started stretching the back. First massaging the neck. Massaging the neck relaxes the sacrum.

Then using the roler and laying on the floor, I went from one vertebra to another, top down. That started eliminating the pain.

Then I did the very last vertebras and they were quite achey, one side more. The exact side that was injured long time ago when the chiropractor yanked my neck. I finally stretched them and that really helped. My head became a lot more clear too and my posture was better than before the accident.

Then I sat down again to work at the computer and could feel the ache. Then I used the trigger point tool (a stick with the rubber top) and stretched down all areas in the sacrum. That was the last bit that cured it all. My head is super clear, the posture is perfect now, way better than before the accident. Also, this made me go to the bathroom, as these are large intestine acupuncture points.

Connecting the dots. WHen this accident happen? After someone gave me a hug which I didn't want and didn't like. The person gives everyone a fake hug and I dislike fake. Furthermore, the person gives all women fake hugs, and makes a living doing that.

Also, a contributing factor could have been being tired after doing the taxes, and also eating mayonaise, which I don't ordinarily eat. Maybe it was too greasy.

So, more floor. THis spot gets super tight when I sit. The psoas is involved, indeed....


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