Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Importance of addressing the root of the problem

Several years ago I was injured and was in pain, and maybe about 20 different local practitioners could not help me. I finally went to a lomilomi person and she worked on me and got rid of the pain in about 20 minutes. I lived happily ever after, but I needed to keep on stretching.

Well, I didn't stretch and it came back 100 times worse. It was a good lesson - to see that the root of the problem wasn't addressed so the problem was always there, covered. I just didn't have the pain symptoms, that's all. It was a volcano waiting to erupt.

So, good bodywork should address the root. Otherwise, it is just a cosmetic bandaid.

When roots are addressed, it is very deep work. Only a healer can tackle that. Also, the client needs to be ready for Inner Work. When roots are addressed, the work is very deep and there are profound life changes. That is what pain and symptoms are asking for - for deep and profound life changes.

Yes sure we can gloss it over, aren't we good at it. And yet, it is a strategy that completely backfires, it is buy-now-pay-later strategy, and the interest is VERY high.


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