Thursday, May 7, 2009

Importance of good guides

The new Self Realization magazine with the CD came in, and I listened it several times "as a background" because the monk who is speaking has a thick Dutch accent, is old, and tends to mumble and speak fast.

so finally I set the volume way up high :) and listened to it very carefully. Wow! What he had to say was very amazing and very helpful. He was talking about remembering God in times of challenges. How those "dry" times are the times we are tested to see if we really mean God.

He said that spiritual life and married life are just about the same - it starts with a honeymoon and lots of enthusiasm and very high expectations. Our old habits are pushed into background. Then all this exciting newness wears out and our old habits kick in again, strong. And that's what we need to wrestle with and stick to it.
Some quit and go back to old habits, some quit and look for another relationship and the exciting honeymoon stage :)

So, subscribe to magazine, it is way cool and very useful.


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