Saturday, May 30, 2009

No words

There are many things worth writing about. The schlerantus is smelling sweetly and parfuming the night air.

My skin burned and noni helped to soothe the sun burn. It is practically gone.

Local soap made of kukui nut oil is the best thing. The soap is by Indigenous Soap. I tried their 'Aina soap. 'Aina means "land". Malama ka 'Aina means take care of the land.

African dance heals injuries in neck and pelvis. Because Africans dance it all the time, that's why they are so healthy and in such great shape. It works.

I heard a newborn baby girl "talk". She was crying but in a voice that was SO CLEAR and SO MELODIC and I was completely floored. It was simply stunning and very touching.

My mom said: why don't you get one? Like it was a kitten, so you just get 'em as you wish.

I planted a new garden, with flowers and colors. It has pink, yellow, orange, purple, red, and very pale beigeish-pink with varrigated leaves. It all looks very nice. It was so much fun making it. The whole neighborhood was just smiling. It is very magical.

There was some crickets last night. That's good, crickets, frogs, dragonflies, etc are all ecological indicators - when they are present, the environment is still relatively clean and healthy.

I learned about emotions. Emotions are very high intensity energy and when they get rampant and start stealing from other centers, like the body and the mind, they completely exaust everyone. The key is to separate from the grip, from the slavery to emotion. Just go do something that focuses and engages the mind. Like washing dishes, picking up mail, etc.


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