Monday, May 18, 2009

There are two centers that do 10 day colon cleansing programs:

The first one costs 1750 plus 40-50 per night for accomodations.
The second one costs 3600 plus accomodations.

From what they said to me (I spoke with both owners) they do basically the same thing: 2 hours of colonics, then maybe a massage or a session for emotional release, then they give you food and send you away for the day.

Why do they cost so differently? Do we get what we pay for, or is something else at play? With these things, the healing skill is what we should pay for. However, high price doesn't necessarily mean high skill.

3600 dollar place must be rakinig in big bucks, because they could be making about 40000 dollars per cleanse, since they accept 12 people.

Even the 1750 place rakes in quite a bit of dough.

The 3600 dollar place owner looks great, I met her and she absolutely glows. SHe is a good advertisement for her program.

The other owner looks good on the web, but I have never met her in person to really know.

I need to meditate on this....


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