Friday, June 12, 2009

"fix me NOW"

As a female (and a pretty one) it is sometimes hard to make people take me seriously, because: you can be EITHER pretty OR smart; and, women are not supposed to make money nor have power. Women are supposed to heal out of goodness of their heart and not charge for it. Women are not supposed to be able to perform high performance tasks.

I suspect I probably have been believing and exuding this, otherwise they would have not tried to pull a fast one on me. Someone once told me that I have tree energy and am very giving, which people take advantage of. Sounds about right :) But I can also take my claws out and shred. There must be a better balance - as Yogananda said, I need to learn how to hiss in warning so that there is never a need to bite nor an opportunity to beat me up. Human beings are STRANGE. They work on fear, by the law of intimidation and bigger fish eating smaller fish, and everyone is always contemplating and judging others: are they bigger or smaller, shall I kiss ass so they don't chow me, or shall I just go ahead and push them over? Humans are no different than any animal, it is always bigger dog has his way.

So some patients come in and try their pity dance and they try to get fixed in very short time and pay as little as possible. They think that ability to fix someone's body is something to be gotten for free and passed onto them for free.

Also, some clients think someone can fix them without them doing the work. That is impossible.

I have about 97% success rate, even with severe cases. Sometimes I can help in one session because it is just some trigger points that need to be deactivated. Usually the person has to do their stretches at home to maintain the benefits.

Typically, if I cannot fix someone, it is because they are beyond repair and due for an operation, e.g. spinal column being poked by ruptured disk, etc.

I charge average - amount which is not dirt cheap but is not the most top (although I could increase - I do some rolfing techniques and a lot of very deep tissue massage, and rolfers charge 125$ per hour.) Locally, a very average relaxing massage therapist will charge 60$ per hour, shops charge 80$ or more, and rolfers charge 125$. Some lomi practitioners charge less because they work under the table and only by word of mouth and were trained for free by a relative, and/or they have a job and work on the side by donation.
I charge $75 per hour right now, I pay for advertising and classes BIG time, and I fix injuries on many levels. Very few other people do.

And I am a holistic practitioner. Everything is involved. So we talk about emotions, spirit, food, relationship, business, details of daily life like lifting babies out of cribs and driving 45 mins one way to work and finding time to cook at home ... it all impacts the body.

I worked with someone who had low back pain. Medical doctor examined him for 2 minutes and told him it was a mild kidney infection because there was increased white blood cells. Common! The entire back was in spasm and also there was something non-physical that was there, my cat RAN AWAY although her favorite music was playing, and she does that only when there is something very negative about the person. I had to keep on praying really hard to keep the space clean. Anyways, after a little more than one hour, the person was fine again and paid me for 1 hr (well, this was an old client, so it might be ok).

I worked with someone who went through shoulder surgery 7 yrs ago, works with lifting and pushing daily, and does not get massages nor stretches. He came in with severe neck pain due to pushing, he could not turn, and it already lasted 1 week. He tried medical doctors and physical therapy.
He wanted me to fix his neck in one session and complained that we worked on it for 2 hrs and thus it cost too much. After more than 2 hrs, his pain was practically gone, he had more range of movement, and I showed him the anatomy and what stretches to do.

Then I worked on a woman who had extra pounds, terribly taut back side, and problems with her knee, which was severely hurting. It was squished. The knee was already operated on and was still a major problem and they told her that there is nothing they could do. She went for majorly painful physical therapy. We worked for about one hour and talked about food, stretching, etc. so all together she was here for almost 1.5 hrs and paid for a little more than 1 hr. She complained that it was costly and maybe she won't come back. (There was too much homework, I think. I asked her to do some self massage and stretches, and to avoid certain foods, and to keep on swimming and biking and losing weight.) At the end of our time, her knee was hurting less, she was feeling more relaxed, she was encouraged, and looked happy and radiant and about 20 yrs younger.

Today someone called me who has 7 ruptured discs in the spine, for many many years, and was on painkillers for years. I said that in cases like that, there is always nonphysical involved. The woman interrupted me with upset and said that she already knows about that, her family is Native and she understands and that is what kept her alive all those years. Then she hung up on me.

I was just about to say that very very few people really understand, I certainly cannot claim to understand, and that perhaps she doesn't understand.

Understanding God is a very big subject. Only a saint can understand God. We aspiring novices can only try and try and try and keep on trying. Meditation and prayer are the way.

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