Sunday, June 14, 2009

fixing the neck

A chiropractor severely injured my neck a while ago, and ever since then, it has been a problem. It was already slightly a problem before the chiropractor accident, because the jaw had a tight TMJ and "ghost pain" in the ear on the same side as the chiropractor yanked later, and a local accupuncturist tried "putting the jaw back" and made it 100% worse and definitely out of place, so the ear started complaining even more. The whole thing started when I lived with roomates and had to constantly keep on moving. THere was one particular landlord that completely scared me, he was threatening to kick me out any time (and he did!) and I remember laying in bed at night and shivering with fear. That's when the ear problems started and the neck got issues.

When the chirporactor yanked it, the neck was terribly hurting. I spent about 4K going to about 30 therapists and chiropractors here on the island, and nobody could fix it. It was getting worse, I begun having tingling in my fingers and also it felt like I could not even raise my arm up, it was so weak and stiff. Also, my face started having some problems because a nerve felt like it was pinched, it was tingling when I turned just the right way. It felt like my entire left arm didn't belong to me anymore. I couldn't really drum. I couldn't feel the arm.

This concerned me and I started working on it myself.

What I did is African dance. That loosened the arm and the neck a lot. Then I massaged it myself, paying attention to the trigger points. I have to work on it daily because there are points I cannot easily reach so I have to be innovative :)

It got so much better that now the left arm can drum and move just like the right arm, and it is SO nice. The face has cleared up. There has been no tingling for a long time. YEEEHA!


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