Monday, June 8, 2009

from Cealo: joy is NOW

One of my favorite saints, this one is still physically alive. A buddhist monk who believes in God :) His name is Guana Cealo. He works in Shri Lanka and Miramar and has amazing programs for helping people, esp. children.

This is Cealo's message for the full moon meditation in June 2009. He has meditations and messages every fool moon.

The human mind believes that joy comes after sorrow.
The mind experiences negativities first, then depression,
And then tries to get away from the depression - from pain to joy.

Still, the human mind believes “no pain no gain”
and “creation after destruction”….This is what life looks like...
This is the how the world is….

Know that all the pain and joy that arises is realized because of this b
Know that we don’t need to live in such concepts.
Know that there is no such cosmic rule.
Although you think of tomorrow, know that today is the beginning
of a new day that you can enjoy today and feel joy today.

Know that the human heart lives in freedom and it should not bound
to fixed ideas.

Every day and every minute is the beginning of new experiences and new j

So close your eyes now. You are ahead of a new experience now.
Let your mind know that the way new things begin is not with negative en

Empty yourself of all the negativities from the past and be outside of t
he chain of negativity. Be free of fixed ideas.

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