Thursday, June 4, 2009

getting out of spa-factory box

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I am in pursuit of practicing massage in Hawaii. I currently have been practicing in another state since 2005. Honestly, I'm just ready for more and desire to gain more wisdom. I have been "boxed" in with the typical spa-Factory and it's time for more than that...
What are your recommendations toward this transition? What steps can I take and others I could avoid?
I would really appreciate your advice and wise counsel.

Thank you for your time and I pray that you have Great Success!



Oh, most of it in HI is spa-factory box, and for that matter, a tiny one, they pay lousy. However, there are some more real practitioners around here. For example, 5-week lomi class of Aunty Margaret on Big Island. Her daughter teaches now.

To gain more wisdom is a path of Inner Work and that is a lifelong journey. That is related but also separate from massage. If you want to do better massage, you have to study with good people. Like, take the Aunty class.
If you really want to be good, then you also have to Work on yourself. So you need to have some kind of spiritual practice, and you must take massage from someone like that too. If you take massage class from someone who is a jerk, you will be stuck.

For example, you will have to get rid of the notion that you are a virtuous woman. What is required is digging a lot deeper, beyond any labels and identifications, and following the path of God. This is so tricky and impossible to do on your own, you must have good guide(s), regularly. Finding that is extremely tricky. Good luck.

My web page has all kinds of resources and links to peruse.


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