Thursday, June 25, 2009

GMO Madness

GMO Madness

That stuff is dangerous!!! GMO stuff is in all junk food.
******Mice and other animals refuse to eat it.******
When force fed it, it caused mice to become depressed, get aggressive, not sleep, become fearful and paranoid, even die.

This has a lot of good info on EVERYTHING you need to know about GMOs:

I agree totally! This GMO stuff is really scary and people do not realize the damage being done physically to our health and that the plants once the pollen escapes from the GMO will never be the same. The plant DNA is what we have evolved with for millions of years and some company thinks that they can change that and not negatively affect the planet or our health. This is not going to be pretty. I really think the demise of the planet is well underway.

Goats milk is what I have read before for a healthier milk. I am sure there are websites about naturally feeding a baby.
I will pass on anything I can find in that respect.

I too think it is criminal what people are feeding and injecting into their children and selves.
Aloha no,

---------FromMilica: -------------
So what is a good infant formula?
I looked at the organic web sites and some look better than others.

I wonder how to find a good naturopath too..

What people are feeding babies is completely scarey. They are feeding them regular infant formula, which is full of GMO stuff and that stuff causes problems!!!! serious problems!!!! did you see those reports when Winsconsin school kids fed mice with it. The mice could not sleep and became very aggressive, fearful, sick, some died, some committed suicide, some killed other mice.

It is scarey what is happening to this planet!!!! IT IS COMPLETELY SCAREY.


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