Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nomads in the desert going to get water.

Two new babies are born in the USA and have issues, crying. They are fed formula. What is in the formula? GMO corn and soy and who knows what else. These kids are supposedly getting the nutrition but what kind and also what junk is included in it.

I am lately VERY concerned about what we eat and drink. Somehow it got into my tissues, into my brain, that WHATEVER I EAT ENDS UP IN ME. And it can be good or bad for me. Good stuff makes me feel good. Bad stuff makes me feel bad and function less.

And chemicals and GMO are definitely bad.

Did you see reports about what happens when mice are fed junk food (which is full of GE food). Mice cannot sleep, become depressed or aggressive, etc. Search for school kids feeding mice GE food.


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