Friday, June 19, 2009

math is fun....

OK, so then I get into the lecture notes prepared by David Allister for McGraw Hill, and the notes are so witty and I think (again) that math is fun.

Oh well!

Here is a problem to be solved:

F(x) means: x is a fleegle
S(x): x is a snurd
T(x): x is a thingamabob
x can be only from {fleegles, snurds, thingamabobs}

Write this out in math formulas:
1. Everything is a fleegle
2. Nothing is a snurd.
3. All fleegles are snurds.
4. Some fleegles are thingamabobs.
5. No snurd is a thingamabob.
6. If any fleegle is a snurd then it's also a thingamabob

Yes, you guessed it right, I like Alice in Wonderland and this is fun and interesting to me.

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