Friday, June 19, 2009

thinking is for Higher

To K: as I am preparing to teach a math class

PS - 2 weeks ago when you said how nice I was, it was because the week before that I did a lot of bodywork - I was helping low back pain, hunchbacks, etc etc etc and I was doing music and a little bit of math and I was HAPPY.
The last 2 weeks I am just doing computer / math work only and since you mentioned it,it is obvious that there is a huge difference. It makes me sick. All day long, I am proving such silly stuff like that I can reach top of a ladder if I know that I can reach the first rung and then every next rung from the rung I am standing on. And I am supposed to teach students about that....

My head has been hurting and I get nauseous and exausted from so much intellectualizing nonsense. It is completely kid's play, completely knowledge without being.

Heads are to be used for a lot more finer thinking. When I think about God or how to Work or whatever else is Higher, I feel rested and happy.

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