Monday, June 8, 2009

what does it mean to be "virtuous"?

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From: Virtuous Woman
Thank you so much for replying and I appreciate the insight. I would like to know more about why I should remove the notion of being a virtuous woman? I agree that following the path of God is what I should be seeking BUT why do you feel that I should lose the Virtuous Woman I.D.?

Milica's reply:

Precisely because it is an I.D. :)

And also, what does that ID mean?

Following the path of God is indeed being virtuos, but again the meaning of "virtuous" is up for discussion - what does it mean to be "virtuous"? Especially in our profession, virtuous means so many things, one which pertains to being virtuous about sexuality.

Word "virtuous" is so loaded with church dogma. Do we really know, feel, understand what the word truly means? Church virtuous usually means being always good and always pure etc. and that is a big fallacy.

If you really follow path towards God, you will find that being virtuous is completely not what you thought it was. It's not about being good.

Plus, if you truly observe yourself, you will discover it is more your intent to be virtuous and that you are not virtuous most of the time. It takes so much effort and Inner Work to be truly Virtuous.

Also, advertising oneself as a virtuous woman today is a self advertisement, portraying yourself in a "good light." Also the word "woman" in that label sounds off. Why is it important that you are a woman?

In any case, there are other ways to say that you are following the path of God. The word "virtuos" does not conjure, at least to me, following the path of God. It must be some code word that only members of your religion will be able to understand.

My 2 cents worth

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