Thursday, June 25, 2009

what is more "important" - truth or memory

Q: what is more "important" - truth or memory?

Milica: Depending what you wan to be: an asleep or an awake person? Also, the "truth" is different for each one of us, depending on our own state of consciousness. WHEN A PICKPOCKET MEETS THE SAINT, HE SEES ONLY THE POCKETS. Read Kahlil Gibran's book on views of Jesus. Some saw him (truely!) as criminal, some as a lunatic, some as a saint. The "truth" we see is in accordance what we are like ourselves.

God is the only one who knows The Truth. Saints and other awake objective, neutral people close to God can see more of The Truth than an asleep unaware person who is only capable of seeing their own little view of the world.

Also, The Truth can be contraversial and contradictory. Probably some remember Hitler as a nice guy, because he *was* nice to them for a second or more they met him and they never knew of his killing side. I know such people, who were always nice to me, and terrible to others. Milarepa, a Buddhist saint, was a criminal before he started spiritual practice, and even when he started, he tried to cheat and get out of it a lot and he was a nuisance. Eventually he reached enlightment.

So, Milarepa was a "bad person" before he reached enlightment. So who can tell what is the Truth and what is memory about Milarepa? The people he hurt or the people he saved?

So, it is very very complicated, and to see the Whole Truth is something only an evolved person can See. The more evolved we are, the more we will See. The less evolved, the less we see, we will see only the pockets.


Yogananda shares how to get there: "be kind to all and then you will know the mysteries of the mind. It is only when you become kind that God will give you His Power."

Being kind doesn't mean faking it or thinking it :) It means truly feeling it and acting it. That is difficult and possible, with a lot of Inner Work.

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