Friday, July 31, 2009

healing music

Listening to some classical music pieces labeled "easy Sunday music" or "quiet times with piano" with some famous "easy listening" tones from famous classical composers, it is rather ... draining! Quite draining.

I needed to escape that, it felt bad. Classical music has something in it that is not quite right. I know, I am saying a blashphemy, but that is what it feels like to me. Somehow the music was pulling me too much into my intellect and emotions, and that didn't feel good at all. I noticed that it was helping me focus on the "book stuff" on studying I was doing, at the expense of somehow erasing my total being out of the picture. I cannot explain it better than to say that somehow it was engaging only my mind and my lower emotions. I need to investigate this some more. It seems like this enables the Western civilization to keep on going into intellectual pursuits only, and then it makes them rebel and get into the opposite of totally out-of-mind wild rock-n-roll.

Listening to Native American flutes was a lot more satisfying. It somehow brought me to the present moment and made me Present as a whole. And it was possible to do intellectual work with it.

African music makes me feel comfortable and relaxed and quietly happy. It is good for daily living. It is hard to do intellectual work with it.

But then African music wasn't enough when it was time for higher spiritual pursuits and contemplation. Then African feels bad and Tibetan chants feel good.

Fascinating. Each of these musics "sets the tone" for how people ARE. Each one of those cultures has certain habits and practices and music just enforced them, locks them into it and vice versa.


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