Thursday, July 9, 2009

is there "the best" therapist?

Comment: The styles that ppl like are as varied as the individuals. If someone gains clients by relaxation massage without fixing their issues, then who are we to say he's rubbing ppl the wrong way.

Milica: Thank you for helping me say this more clearly.

Yes, we don't say which is better therapist. That's exactly how I feel. Every person needs to work with exactly the therapist they are comfortable with. Because I am really involved in healing practice, if I work on someone, their life will change. Not everyone wants change and a healing experience. That's their decision. I am available to those who want it.

As for deep bruising massage vs light: sometimes you need needle nose pliers for the job, sometimes you need a hammer. One is not better than the other, they just accomplish different things. It really depends on what the client needs, what works for them in particular.
Personal rapport and trust the clients establishes with the therapist is #1. Then the therapist must have enough skill to actually repair and help.

The key is the fine line of matching the "personal feeling" AND skill set between therapist and client.

So imo there is no "best" therapist for everyone, there is "the best therapist FOR ME, AS I AM NOW." A client is a being on a certain level of consciousness and goes to a therapist who has something to offer to them, whatever the client deems valuable. Some people will go for a happy ending massage, some for feel good or beat-me-up massage, some for a nice chat with someone nice, some for deep transformative work. People pick what they want.

I am a healer, my job is to challenge as well as encourage and pamper people. There is no change without some challenge. I am in the "deep transformative work" category which also feels good and relaxes. That's the jist of lomilomi practice - nothing is separate, it is all related.

My issue is showing dislike for anything less than very deep. In some ways it is less, but in God's kingdom there is room for everything and a healer must be patient and considerate and keep on educating. If Jesus or Buddha came down here and started feeling like it is lesser - which it IS - they would have never been able to do what they did. The key is to stay disattached and disidentified and compassionate towards everything, including ourselves, and keep on working for God. I am trying :)


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