Friday, July 31, 2009

Magic stars over the lake

Actually, when I was in California, it was promised to me. I was camping by a lake surrounded by tall pines and cedars and shrub oak and other dry high altitude plants.

I prayed to be free from all the hellish things that I have experienced and survived in my childhood and the past. It was truly awful although it had many gifts. It has been difficult until very recently.

The whole lake with the trees and the stars and bull frogs and red winged blackbirds occasionally waking up and screaching, and screach owls screaching, and deer rummaging in the dark, and all other little noises of the woods at night, with the millions of stars and a very very big star and trees mirrored in the lake, with the moon over it. It was completely magical, and looked and felt like a huge big cathedral. I prayed. I prayed like my life depended on it. And it did. I felt completely alone and completely surrounded by all kinds of Beings and Something on the edge of that lake in the wilderness, deep in the mountains.

Answer came very quickly. I thanked them.


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