Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the politics of marihuana: what is the way to live a functional life

An African musician told me that drums are for the spirit but in daily life. The conversation started by me asking him why some African drummers smoke pot. I explained I was very surprised they needed that. Drums are sacred to me and require a certain level of awareness and Higher. And pot certainly doesn't jibe with that. Our 2 djelis in Hawaii are completely clean. Well!!!! This African yelled at me for about 5 minutes, something along the lines: what's wrong with pot? Drums are for village life, so whatever makes people happy is ok. As long as they show up and do their job, it's ok. How dare I judge them!!! Have I tried pot myself? The elders in the village that teach drums etc also drink and smoke in front of everyone and it's ok. Why don't I research it before I judge anyone!!!!
I just stood there not answering a thing, it was clearly not a good time to talk with him, he was REALLY upset, emotionally stirred and totally off the hook. That is unusual for Africans to relate like that to someone they barely know. Finally I said that talking with him was my research and we parted. I never tried to finish this conversation later. I needed time to think about what he said, spoke with others, esp those who went to Africa, etc.

I didn't say that I have sat in Native American and Amazon ceremonies with peyote and hm... atamasca? I forgot the name of it. I did several of those ceremonies with one of the head shamans from Amazon region. All night long you sit in a circle and drink that and chant and speak. So I know the effect of it - it is kinda similar to early stages of meditation, the mind slows down and thoughts become more evident, it is easier to See oneself.
HOWEVER, that is a crutch, on so many different levels. First, we cannot take those medicinals all the time and we need to be in Touch with God all times. So we need to get to God on our own, with our own clear mind.
The ONLY way to God is meditation and prayer, EVERY SINGLE DAY. And, it produces a lot more lasting results, permanent inner transformation and inner peace, and eventually experiences that nothing else can give you. For example, I have gone into some deep spaces and have had miracles happen to me, in regular plain old meditation.
So, taking some herb and avoiding the real Inner Work and daily sitting in meditation is definitely trying the easy way out. It just won't work.

Also, I sat in sacred and supervised community ceremonies to take those herbs, and the intent was healing. The head shaman told sacred stories, we chanted for each other and spoke for each other, and people were supposed to dig deep and try to make peace with each other and honor each other in their speeches and their musings.
A pot smoker is on their own, and that is definitely leading to bad stuff. It is an addiction.

A lot of pot smokers tell me that they are not stoned, they are just "airy" (I think that's the term they used) where they feel hightened awareness etc. I am a trained healer and tracker and medicine person and I can tell that their awareness is completely highjacked by something else that has them in its clutches. They are a complete slave to that substance. The smell of pot itself has a feeling of something really seductive that sucks the life out of you, something creepy evil disguised as promising indulgent temptation. It promises fun and pleasure and then highjacks you.

Also, I don't see any evidence that pot "makes people happy". It might make them check out into some delusional space for a while, but it does not solve any problems, it does not lead to any personal transformation. I have never seen a single happy pot smoker. They are all grumpy and they all have issues with commitment, responsibility, sharing, etc. Every single pot smoker I met was immature.

To me, it is rather disappointing to see anyone, and especially such wonderful great musicians having to resort to pot to feel good!!!!! Why they would need that besides their wonderful music and all of us needing them to teach is, is beyond me. It is sad to see it!!!!!

For example, a good teacher and musician with such kind and beautiful gentle eyes, so he must be a very sensitive good person. When he smoked pot, it was so sad to see him completely gone out of himself and completely dumb and unconscious. I came to briefly thank him for his class and it was like talking to someone dead.
Another one reeked of pot smell (it comes out in sweat) so bad that I could not stand next to him and told him that he stunk.

Our two djelis in Hawaii are completely clean, they don't even drink or smoke cigarettes. They take djembe so seriously, they wouldn't even allow anyone to take photos of them with drums when they have sunglasses on, etc. The drums is completely sacred and to be taken very seriously to them. I thought the others are like that too. Seeing them as not was an unpleasant surprise. Their music would be so much better if they could be completely present.


Honestly, it is rather disturbing that people are escaping to such quick solutions so easily. What is wrong with our society, with people, with our food, with our environment, with our relations, when people resort to drugs just to be able to pull it through the day? Are we weak and cannot stand the emotional requirements of life on Earth, are we malnourished and trying to somehow medicate ourselves, is our society failing to provide something that we need,.....

Most of surfers around here are like that too, pot smokers and drinkers, leading a functional life 9-5 and then checking out with booze and smoke. Studying them, they want fun without any responsibilities, cannot relate, are always complaining of something, are healthy and just looking for something "easy." Typically, they are raised in disfunctional families where one parent is absent, often under something chemical and the other one takes good care of them. None of them are capable of emotionally relating and being close to another human being. Maybe a dog.

Pot users spend at least 400$ on pot every month. They don't want to pay me for a massage. They are saving to buy pot. That stinks, doesn't it. Not only do they spend money on something that kills them, they also don't spend money on things that are good for them. So a pot grower can make a good living because they sell evil fantasies and delusions, and a farmer, health practitioner, yoga teacher, any teacher, anyone who sells Real stuff cannot. That is twisted. Humanity (meaning: all human beings and their societies and doings) has it twisted. Completely backwards.



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