Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Storytelling is important. Telling fairy tales, fables, and other such "kid-like" stories is a way to Wisdom. Everyone understands a story on the level they are at. Some people will get nothing out of it. Some will get out a lot. To understand a story, we must ponder about it, contemplate, chew on it, try it in our lives.

I complained to an African that Camp Faretta has no storytelling. It has history telling, which is very different. The African told me that storytelling is just for kids. Oh no, it is for everyone. Jesus taught by telling stories. Buddha too.

In the Congo camp, Chrysogone told a story about a woman who ate too much. She had a baby, and her husband went hunting to bring her good food, so that the baby could have good milk. Well, she ate it too soon and then he had to hunt more, and his trips took him further and further away, but she always ate too fast and was hungry while the husband was gone hunting. Finally she stole food from a monster's stash and thus the monster took the baby. (Eventually the baby gets found under a drum by a magic drummer.)

When I told this story to a perfectly normal looking woman in her 30s, a woman who seemed smart and caring, she said: Oh I am so glad there was no storytelling because this story is so sad!

I was just dumbfounded. Is it possible that a human being can be that asleep?

Apparently, majority of humanity really does NOT care about anything higher in life. That is completely dumbfounding to me.



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